How to run Because You're Loved

Because You’re Loved is a campaign of three one-week missions that are spread over a year. It empowers people to show God’s love, to speak of God’s love and to bring people to experience God’s love. The campaign is simple and easy to adopt.
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Dared To Love : The Mission

A simple way to train people to show God’s love.
‘Dared to Love’ combines social action with a clear expression of the love of God. There are five challenges or ‘dares’ given to those who participate in the week’s mission. Each day has a special theme:

Day 1 – Encouragement
Day 2 – Service
Day 3 – Compassion
Day 4 – Generosity
Day 5 – Connection

Who Loves You? : The Mission

A simple way to train people to speak of God’s love.
‘Who Loves You?’ combines a media teaser campaign with an opportunity for people to share their story. Each participant creates a short video in which they tell of God’s love using a simple template:

Bring The Love : The Mission

A simple way of training people to bring others to experience God’s love.

‘Bring the Love’ combines three special events with a simple tool. An emphasis is placed on not only inviting people somewhere, but actually taking them there. The three events have different themes:

Event 1 – Social
Event 2 – Service
Event 3 – Study

Because You're Loved

Show the faith. Share the faith. Bring the faith.

This simple guide equips groups of believers with the tools to become a catalyst of transformation in their community. Because You’re Loved is a series of three programmes designed to bring people of all ages to Jesus. It’s an adventure that goes beyond simply serving communities to mobilising them to encounter God. Specifically designed as an alternate approach to mission, Because You’re Loved can be done anywhere, at any time, with anyone. Made up of three week-long programmes, participants take part in dares to engage with the community, share stories of God’s love, and bring people to Christ-centred events.

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